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Is rdine.com multi-terminal software?

rdine.com is multi-terminal software and its architecture supports both multi-site and multi-restaurant, so bookings can be taken for several restaurants across different sites on multiple terminals.

'Can you take web bookings?'

As part of the rdine.com package we include an online booking widget which can be integrated into your website, with your branding. It will allow you to take bookings online 24. You can configure your widget themes ,when you want to take bookings online, which tables can be booked online and a whole lot more.

'Is there any commission for web bookings?'

Web bookings are FREE from rdine.com. We don't take any commission for web based bookings.....and why should we, they're your bookings!

'Does rdine.com work on an IPAD?'

rdine.com is IPAD compatible and will run on an IPAD or alternate Tablet using a remote companion or equivalent.