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Biryani Ghar

Casual Dining ā€ŗ Hyderabadi

02, First Floor, Maphar MK Eternal, Survey No 60 Guttak
040 66662526

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Rated as 4 / 5 stars - based on 4 reviews


Biryani Ghar is famous for biryani with perfect quantity, just enough spicy and Service will also be excellent


4 4 Reviews
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pruthvi garlapati
19 Nov 2017

Biryani ghar is one of the best biryani places in Hyderabad. It is just located in the building of churrolto,madhapur,hi-tech city main road. I have been hearing a lot of things about this place. So, I went on for tasting amazing hyderabadi dishes which are made in hyderabadi style.The logo and the name is enough for a common person to identify what dishes are made here. Coming to the place, This is very short place with nice ceilings and seating arrangement looks as same as in a mandi place. Actually that is the way nizami people used to have food. When I entered the restaurant, I felt like Iā€™m home. We have started our dinner with starters which includes BHUNA CHICKEN,CHICKEN FINGERS, MUTTON SHAMI KEBAB,TAWA MACHCHI . Bhuna chicken is roasted chicken served with salad. Chicken fingers were good, but it is not marinated and not fried well on edges. Mutton shami kabab is in the form of mutton patties which are shallow fried in oil and they are usually eaten with rice . In main course , I have tried Clay pot chicken biryani and claypot mutton biryani. CLAYPOT CHICKEN BIRYANI is served with salan and raitha. Biryani is cooked in a pot which is placed under ground . This is totally authentic. I love the layers of biryani compared to others. By having this biryani, I Felt like all other restaurants making biryani were poor. CHICKEN MUTTON BIRYANI HAS LESS mutton pieces and the bonepieces are also less. In sweets, I have tasted QUBANI KA MEETHA,SHAHI THUKDA,BADAM PHIRNI,SHEER KURMA. QUBANI AND SHEER WERE ON TOP NOTCH. SHAHI THUDA JUST TASTES LIKE DOUBLE KA MEETHA ,BUT IS HAS SOME DIFFERENT TOPPINGS. RATING:- 4/5 FOOD:- 4.5/5 AMBIANCE:-3/5 SERVICE:-4/5

Karthik Gandhi
28 Sep 2017

#GastroHogger #BiryaniGhar #GharKaHyderabadiKhana #ByInvite #LongPostAlert Some diners always are not in spotlight and for any valid reason, they tend to lose attention as they are talked about. One such place which I might have crossed many a times but never had an agenda to try out was Biryani Ghar in Madhapur above Churralto. The place yes gets mixed reviews and that may have been a strong indicator to me to not try it. After we got invited to review their place and try their food, I should say my apprehension was wrong, my perspective of the place and its food was definitely wrong and they proved me in a STRONG POSITIVE SENSE. Place is so subtle and with minimal decor with 3 ground seating sections and 3 tables which in total might house 30 pax if not less. Place is unassuming and decor was simple and resonated the place's menu. Owner Imran Hassan bhai was gracious to invite us and also took time to explain the concept of the place which itself was a sense of clarity for me about the place. His intent was to bring in "GHAR KA KHANA" mainly on biryani front and hence the name. Now we had to see if the food spoke the same language. Every dish - though simple and unpretentious delivered in flavors and some even surprised us in excitement. Be it the refreshing #KhusKhus and #Rooafza or the super flavorful #MuttonShami. From #BhunaChicken to crispy and garam-a-garam veg pakora, everything was pure SOUL FOOD. It was followed by #VegShami (which was for me the star dish of the night) , Aloo Fry, Chicken Fingers. The surprise of the night was #KhameeriNaan (fermented yeast roti) accompanied with #NalliShorba . I just soaked the Naan pieces into the shorba and gulped it like a typiKal Hyderabadi Ishtyllleeeee... #ChickenKorma with #GheeParatta (literally ghee was oozing in it) was the perfect home made combo that you could expect from your ma or naani. #SulaimaniChai in breaks gave me the soothing factor #Khichdi with #KhattiDal (as per my foodie bhai's comments) was home made and we could feel that as it was devoid of any dominating spice and just comfort food. #ZaffraniChickenDumBiryani - served in clay pot was packed with flavors but interestingly very low in spice (of course intentionally). We ended a very surprising but hearty meal with #BadamPhirni (which I felt was lacking punch of badam) and #ShahiTukda (again nice not artificial at all but lacked sweetness for my palate) Overall, not just one dish but all were made with very low spices, fresh ingredients and NO ARTIFICIAL COLOR OR PRESERVATIVES (you might laugh whats the impact, we felt it, even after such a big meal, we didn't get irritation or chest burn or anything). Verdict : ******************************************************* If you are always on the hurry for food and looking for nice dominating spice, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. ******************************************************* If you have time to sit back, relax want good soul food (Ghar Ka Khana feel) and are ready to wait until dish is made from scratch and expect no side effects of dining and artificial masalas, THIS IS THE MOST VFM DESTINATION FOR YOU ******************************************************* Yes, some places like this do break the monotony or perception of dining only runs by spices and food colors and Biryani Ghar is one indeed cute place which humbly stays by it above values eminently run by its owner Imran bhai :) If you are later cadre (based on my verdict), do not miss this place.

Mohd Zubair Ali
26 Sep 2017

Biryani Ghar, a place that i always wanted to visit but unfortunately couldnt take out time to try their food. i have been hearing about their biryanis from really long. Finally got a chance to visit this place on a weekday dinner. I was here with couple of foodie friends to try their delicacies. Situated in madhapur Biryani ghar is a tiny place with interesting ambiance.The look and feel of the place is very homely. We were 6 of us and the menu was prefixed. We sarted our dinner with welcome drinks which was ruhafza and khus khus drink.Ruhafza was very thirst quenching. In the starters we tried Mutton Shami,Chicken Bhuna,Veg Shami, Onion Pakoda and Aalu fry. Mutton shami and chicken bhuna was show stopper for me. AAlu fry on the other hand was very tasty, reminded me of my grand mother's recepie. A very homely touch. Main Course consisted of Khameeri Naan and Gosht ki Nahari,Ghee Porota and Chicken Korma,Khichdini gh Khatta and ofcourse dum biryani. Khameri naan was something which grabbed my attention. I dont even remember when was the last time i ate Khameeri naan. One of the oldest and famous hyderabadi way of baking breads. Totally loved the freshness and aroma of hot bread. Khichdi khatta was very delectable and perfectly made.Exactly the way mums prepare. And yeah, one cannot ignore their biryanis. The ingediants they use for biryanis are not procured from vendors, instead they are inhouse made. Evey biryani is made and served in earthen pots. A typical authentic way of making biryani. Out of veg,chciken and mutton dum birayni, i personally loved mutton one. The flavours, aroma, presenation everything was just perfect ! Kudos to the management of Biryani ghar for pulling off such amazing biryanis. After having an heavy dinner we ended our meal with desserts which consisted of shahi tukda and almond phirni. Being a dryfruit fan, i loved the phirni. Thick, tasty and filled with almond paste, Over all it was amazing experience to interact and dine with the owners of biryani ghar.

Deepak Belel
22 Sep 2017

Have been there for tasting session recently and really had the authentic Hyderabadi cusine after such Long time! The ambience is decent enough and similar to Mandi places with old time furniture and Chandler's around. Starting with sharbath Rooafhza sharbath & khas sharbath~ these were nice, rooafhza was better in taste. Starters includes Bhuna chicken~ was nice looking and very tasty, chicken was well cooked and could taste the good flavours of spices on it. Mutton shami~ WOW, I couldn't fork it, it was that soft and it just melted in my mouth leaving a great taste behind. Just perfect! Veg shami~ Everything was same but in vegetarian version! Wonderfully made and mandatory for vegetarians! Onion pakoda~ was like regular home made and crisp served with ketchup. Wasn't that greasy too. Fried aloo~ appetizing and served hot, simple dish but tasted really good! Gosht ki Nihari ~ was really very tempting for me, mutton chunks with many different spices boiled for long hours in low falme and final result in front of my eyes, aromatic and delicious nihari which is incomplete with khameeri naan and this naan dough is mixed with yeast, rested for some time and fried, served hot with nihari. One word I said after taking the first bite was mmmm.... The best nihari ever had! Chicken fingers~ was nice and crisp, could make the chicken size bigger. Chicken korma & ghee parota~ was creamy and nice texture, chicken was tender and had nice taste of Hyderabad spices and remaining magic was done by good amount of Desi ghee on it šŸ‘Œ. Parota was how it's supposed to be. Khichidi & khatta~ no words to describe these dishes, am sure everyone knows well about it and everyone one's special šŸ˜āœŒļø. Now time for main dish Chicken biriyani~ one of the best chicken biriyani I've ever had, made in handi (clay pot) and I believe that pot also plays an important role in elevation of taste, the moment the lid was opened I was amazed and started enjoying the aroma and my expectation level started increasing and yes it definitely reached my expectations level! Chicken was juicy and tender and those long grain of basmati with fried onions on top was just like cheery on cake! Mutton zafrani biriyani~ made and served in the same way but yes I really have to admit that it was none of a kind! Flavorful and very aromatic, a perfect Hyderabadi zaffarani biriyani. And this authentic meal ended with authentic dessert called Badam phirni~ was just another level of phirni, perfect consistency and balanced taste of badam!