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Deli 9 Bistro

Cafe Continental ,Desserts,Cafe

Wipro SEZ Parking Route, Beside Barbeque Nation, Financial District, Nanakram Guda
040 64446600

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Rated as 3 / 5 stars - based on 1 reviews


Setting out to introduce the world of delicatessens to Hyderabad, Deli 9 soon became a favourite for high quality handmade breads, desserts, cakes and patisserie. Since opening its doors in 2005, it has evolved into 2 more trendy bistros, and has seen various avatars from micro retail kiosks to corporate counters - a crowd favourite.


3 1 Reviews
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Outrogeous Nachos (Veg)

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harini sharma
18 Aug 2017

Went here for a quick bite and wasnt disappointed. While the Banjara Hills Deli 9 has an excellent laid back feel to it, this one looks brighter and has a vibrant feel to it. I dont remember if the menu is same across all outlets of theirs, but this one had an extensive menu. Ordered for a Paneer Chilli Bao and, here comes the embarrassing part, assuming that I was ordering a Vada Pav, ordered for Pav Bhaji. The Bao arrived quickly enough and was fantastic as expected. It was unbelievably soft and the Paneer tasted amazing as well. The Pav Bhaji took a little longer than expected and when it arrived, the first thing we observed was that there was too much bhaji for the Pav they served. The disproportion between Pav and Bhaji, while being evident from looks, is more clear once you start eating it. We finished half the Bhaji when we exhausted our Pav. So we had to order for extra Pav. May be we are poor Bhaji eaters :P The decor and seating inside was really good. The place has a vibrant and enthusiastic feel to it. Really loved the smart addition of smaller side tables to the smaller dining tables, particularly the two seater tables. The side tables are used for putting cutlery, sauces and tissues which makes the actual dining table incredibly spacious. Give this place a go. You might end up being a regular here (you need slightly deeper pockets for that though :p