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Lounge Continental ,Italian

Banjara hills
8th Floor, Shangri La Towers, Road 2

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4.6 7 Reviews
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Classic Caesar Salad (Chicken)

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Deepak Belel
28 Aug 2017

*Karma isn't a bitch, it's mirror! (One of their quote line)😜. Hello foodies, today I am going to share my mirror story 😁. Last weekend I've been to Karma - Bistro & Lounge for review session and I was surprised and got excited with the view itself complete city view, indoor, outdoor & rooftop seating (especially for private parties). You won't get bored of surroundings because funny quotes written on walls, interesting things used for interior decor and I've also find one big Game of thrones wheel, where you can spin it and get the discount according to the characters... (20% min) Cool isn't it!? Okay now food time.. Mockatils~ karma twist was really good, it's of peanut butter and apparently I liked it so I had 3😋. Fruit fantasy was okayish and lavender~ tho I dint try it seems to be good, and my friend said it was nice. Cocktail~ I just tried one of their speciality called Peace-Out which turned out outstanding! Now time for starters Hariyali kebab, sheek kebab, murgh Banjara, fish tikka, chicken vepudu, Galouti on papadi, peppery garlic prawn's these all were none of a kind, tasty hariyali, appetizing sheek kebab, tender murgh Banjara and fish was well done! Chef did a great job and he stole my heart with his culinary arts❤️. Main course* Pan seared salmon ~ beautiful salmon seared and garnished with baby tomatoes, herbs and also with some love & care served with some mashed potatoes, sounds like a fancy dish isn't it!? It was phenomenal, from my side a huge thumbs up. Stuffed chicken breast served with saute veggies and mashed potatoes it looked almost same but tastes way too different, the stuffing was good and chicken was done perfectly! Penne Alfred chicken pasta was the best, it was aromatic, rich, creamy, perfect consistency, flavourful. I was like bit melted when I had the first spoon of it, it was that good! Desserts* Blueberry cheesecake I liked the taste of it, smooth, intense. Raspberry cheesecake it wasn't bad but could have been done better.

Food Khalifa
04 Aug 2017

#FoodKhalifa #Birthdaycelebration #Funtime #Weekendmasti Hyderabad is becoming next city apart from its cyber crowd, but for its night life and food, culture influences these days. So every alternate day we hear that a new restaurant has been open or bistro, lounge over here and there. Karma started making noise in the market before it started operations because of the nice interior, Food menu, drinks menu, and live music. The name and tagline of the restaurant properly justify it “Karma – We serve you what you deserve”. The place is an open rooftop lounge which makes people bust their office stress with the natural cool breeze and the amazing night view from the top. As you enter the place you will be welcomed by the board saying “I love Karma”. The seating arrangement starts very near to the entrance gate. The outer area look is little bit rustic and stub. Then they have roof area under which you will find more seating area along with bar games like “dart board, hammer, and live music”. The inside interior is completely wood finishing look classy and elegant in its own way with miniature creativity items placed on the wall. Some sign bottle caps hanging on the walls of the stair case. The stair case takes you to the top of the building which is arranged with beautiful seating area and the walls are painted with “US scenery and wings of happiness”. As it was a pre-birthday bash we were planning many things like birthday bumps then birthday songs that the birthday boy has to sing. As I had tried almost all the dishes what we have ordered. I was a little bit ambiguous the dishes served to us like which one will be hit and which one will be above and par on my taste buds. My top pick dishes from Veg is Dal chawal arancini and Stuffed mushrooms Dal chawal arancini: It was the perfect combo of rice mixed with dal which has the hint of tamarind flavour and perfectly round shapes of arancini (balls) topped with some sort of chutney and small lace of papad. Stuffed Mushrooms: Oh my! The perfect blend of two types of cheese and spinach combined and stuffed inside the mushroom and deep fried which was melting in the mouth. Top pick from Non-veg is Amritsari Fish and chips and Peppery Garlic Prawns Amritsari Fish and chips: We always have English style fish and chips like deep fried fish fillet and French fries accompanied with some sort sauce like garlic or tartar sauce. But this one has little bit twist which has a little bit of Amritsari spices added in the batter and served along with potato chips instead of French fries. Peppery Garlic Prawns: The name of the dish proves the flavour and the texture of the dish. Yes it was peppery with black pepper then bell peppers like green, red, yellow and lot of minced garlic. The prawns were perfectly coated with the sauces and all the spices were perfectly blend with each other. So we were also served with other dishes like Kung Pao Paneer, Cajun Chicken Roulatin, and Tawa Macchi even this dishes were also good. It’s true the place is most happening and trending place among the people which makes it more crowded. I must say the place like this can never run out of people’s minds which full fill all their need of enjoyment from food to drinks and awesome live music. It’s really hard to find any flaws over here instead of that I have found few good memories that I have spent over here.

Mohd Zubair Ali
03 Aug 2017

The new trending place in town ! The view, the crowd, the food, the music and the vibe makes it one of the best rooftop lounges in hyderabad. I visited them twice and both the times i walked out with a smile on my face. My best experience was when i visited them on a sunday evening with a bunch of good friends. It was pre plated set menu for a group of 25 people. The ambience of the place makes you feel so comfortable and relaxing. The cool breeze brushing through your hair and live music makes it more memorable. We were served with some of the yummilicous dishes, which included Stuffed Mushrooms ,Sigara Bogeri ,Veg Hariyali Kebab ,Dal Chawal Aranchini and Kung Pao Paneer . In the non veg section we had Cajun Chicken Roulatin ,Spicy Coriander Chicken Nuggets ,Tawa Macchi ,Amritsari Fish & Chips and Peppery Galic Prawns. Almost all the dishes were delectable and yummy except a few. But when you have such a place to enjoy your drinks with your favorite band tuning in the popular playlist, you tend to forget about food and enjoy the whole experience. Well, this is going to be my most visited place soon ;)

Karthik Gandhi
01 Aug 2017

#GastroHogger #Karma #ThePlaceToBe #OpenTerraceLoungeDefined Hyderabad always welcomes with open hands any bar-lounge that has open terrace. The lounges always gives plethora of options for people who are otherwise stressed out from work pressure and come there to unwind and relax themselves. Joining this cadre is KARMA newly opened in Banjara hills. The building and the lift in particular may be claustrophobic and yeah it could be even making you Am I in the right place but the moment you step out of the life and you enter into a whole new world that makes you wonder "Where Am I" The "I Love Karma" welcomes you to its world and the Karma Lady painting and swings sets the mood and tone for you. The outer seating is much relaxed sofa seating while the inner is completely different and was very much hip. They do have Live music setup and bands play on the schedule. The artwork throughout the place and the cute but wierd funny wordings keep the tone and mood for the place. The antique pieces at random places add that odd tone to the place but everything just gels in and makes it one of the most decord and well executed places in terms of decor and ambience. Food really surprised me in terms of the swiftness it was served and almost every dish delivered. * Dal Chawal Aranchini : was simply top of my pick * Stuffed mushrooms was simply superb and well done * Sigara Bogeri, Veg Hariyali Kebab, Kung Pao Paneer - all nicely bad dishes On non-veg, Cajun Chicken Roulatin, Spicy Coriander Chicken Nuggets, Tawa Macchi, Amritsari Fish & Chips, Peppery Garlic Prawns Amritsari Fish & Pepper Garlic Prawns were simply superb. The serving and the presentation of pepper garlic prawns was simply superb <3 Spicy Coriander Chicken Nuggets were also equally impressive On drinks front, we tried sangri, whiskey sour and some mocktails. * Whiskey Sour is probably THE MOST best one I have had in recent times. The consistency and the flavors were bang on. I went on repeat mode on this forever <3 Service from staff were simply top class in-spite of the place completely packed up and everybody demanded attention. Definitely the place to be if you are a drinks fan and/or needs a place TO BE JUST YOURSELF. D place - D music - D crowd - D Decor - D Drinks - D food - D service - D feel - U just can feel it once you step it. If you haven't been there, JUST HEAD OUT THERE <3

harini sharma
31 Jul 2017

The newest place in town. After a friend suggested abt karma i decided to visit them last thursday night and was blown away by the ambiance and vibe of the place. The areal view from top is breathtaking and so is the whole rooftop. what a exciting addition to hyderabad's lounges. liquor and food is priced very reasonable. Met couple of whos and who of night life at karma. it was a very pleasant experience.

kunal lodi
29 Jul 2017

i was here with few of my office colleagues to celebrate a frnd's promotion party. And the whole idea of selecting karma as venue turned out to be most fruitful ! Loved every bit of this place. from ambience, music,food, drinks to service. On point. No complaints at all. the best part was when we bumped into few other office mates and the party got more crazy. the place is trending rapidly in hyderabad night life scene. I am definitely coming back for some more good time.

Zoya Imam
27 Jul 2017

Karma - they serve you what you deserve 😉 The most trending and happening place in town located at Banjara hills. Well were do I start from the ambience Oh boy !!! The ambience here is definitely going to steal your heart ❤️ such a pretty decor and lightings 😍😍😍 Last Sunday visited this place with my friends and they served us pre planned set menu. We tried few finger licking starters and amazing mocktails Here is the list : In veg we tried Stuffed Mushrooms, Sigara Bogeri, Veg Hariyali Kebab, Dal Chawal Aranchini, Kung Pao Paneer - dal chawal aranchini is definitely going to be my fav here. Stuffed Mushrooms are another pick for me. In non- veg we tried Cajun Chicken Roulatin, Spicy Coriander Chicken Nuggets, Tawa Macchi, Amritsari Fish & Chips, Peppery Galic Prawns - fish was so fresh and juicy loved each and every bite of it. In mocktails I tried snow white, virgin mojito and orange based drink. Definitely going back to try their other dishes... i am already in love with this place ❤️❤️❤️