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Pappa Roti

Cafe Irish,Desserts,Tea,Cafe

Jubilee Hills
Road 1, Near Jubilee Check Post
040 68888828

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The downright delicious coffee caramel buns have gained enormous praise and is now immensely popular in countries from China to UAE. Though the art of pastry definitely varies across different cultures, Papparoti has successfully developed a unique and single recipe that surpasses cultural diversity and appeals to an international audience. It's no secret that food binds together different cultures and people from various walks of life and Papparoti seemed to have done just that. Now, the Papparoti domain is venturing further afield, dedicated to spreading the flavor of our intensely flavorful and aromatic buns.


5 1 Reviews
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Karthik Gandhi
15 Jul 2017

#GastroHogger #FoodieSquad #LatePost #PappaRoti PappaRoti called as "father of all buns" is well renowned international brand. A vision from Rasha Al Danhani started off from Malaysia in 2003 and now spread across 32 countries and what else India's flagship branch is at Hyderabad - WooHoo. Invited for a review of their offerings, we were seated promptly in their inner dining section. The place is hip-classy-cozy for a coffee shop and definitely the decor more on the brown side gives u the oomph of coffee which is also their primary products. The aroma of the buns definitely hit as you enter and can only make you crave for more. We tried their signature buns - lotus biscuit, hazelnut nutella, cheese , strawberry , dates and almond nutella along with their special offerings of popcorn frappe and zaffron Latte. Lotus Biscuit - this just hit us right away with the nice sauce topping and that crunchy outside and fluffy inside bun with the crunch from biscuit crumblings - this was pure WOW Zaffron Latte - something new something that hyderabadis can relate and definitely very smooth - must try Popcorn Frappe - caramel popcorn based frappe and first sip it sets you the mood. Priced at 260+ txes definitely steep and if they re-consider the price, the drink will definitely be WOW category. Other bun flavors definitely were very good in terms of providing different flavor profiles across the bun and I liked the dates version and also the fresh strawberry version as well. Their cold frappes are to worked upon as they were good but not WOW We also tried their pappa mint and pappa regular tea served in classic hot tea glass jugs and nice presentation. Loved both flavors as well. They have around 9 varieties to choose from. Pricing I would say is on the steep side but considering the locality and quality of the bun , I guess it's worth it if they keep the buns consistent and making customers happy . Mohd Kareem and his team were on toes the whole time and I loved the fact their staff knew all the items served and handy whenever recommendations were asked. I'm definitely in love with these buns and I can know see why the brand was hyped up prior to the launch... Keep up d good work